Precision lock nuts 精密锁紧螺母

  Precision lock nuts 精密锁紧螺母

  Industrial lock nuts with lock washers are not considered to be suitable for super-precision bearing applications because of the relatively wide manufacturing tolerances of the thread and abutment surfaces. As a result, SKF has developed a full line of precision lock nuts that are manufactured within very tight tolerances. These simple to mount devices, which locate bearings and other components accurately and efficiently on a shaft, meet the requirements of machine tool applications, both technically and economically.

  带锁紧垫圈的工业锁紧螺母不适用于超精密轴承应用,因为螺纹和支承面的制造公差相对较大。 因此,SKF 开发了一整套精密锁紧螺母,其制造公差非常严格。 这些简单的安装设备,定位轴承和其他部件准确和有效的轴,满足机床应用的要求,在技术上和经济上。

  All SKF precision lock nuts use friction between the mating thread flanks of the spindle shaft and lock nut to hold them in place. To apply this friction, SKF manufactures two different precision lock nut designs:

  所有 SKF 精密锁紧螺母都利用主轴轴与锁紧螺母配合螺纹侧面之间的摩擦力将它们固定在适当的位置。 为了应用这种摩擦力,SKF 制造了两种不同的精密锁紧螺母设计:

  precision lock nuts with locking pins 带锁紧销的精密锁紧螺母

  precision lock nuts with axial locking screws 带轴向锁紧螺钉的精密锁紧螺母